Mike Milburn Taylors An Argument

House Speaker Mike Milburn absolutely taylored an argument against medical marijuana today:

Milburn said the state’s medical marijuana use and the industry that supports it have expanded far beyond what most voters had intended. He said it has led to children prostituting themselves to get drugs.

The only solution, he argued, was repeal.

I think we all know that marijuana was available in Montana before the passage of this voter-approved law. The only thing this repeal will do is make it more difficult for the sick and disabled to gain access to medicine they say makes their lives productive and their pain manageable.

It’s one thing for the Republicans in the Legislature to ignore the will of the people; it’s another to constantly make up apocalyptic tales in support of their arguments, but it takes a special kind of disregard for humanity to deny patients access to care.

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  • Children prostitutes, huh? Well at least it wasn’t babies on bayonets! That’s an oldy but goody too.

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