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A Mike Dennison One-Two Punch

Seriously, can Mike Dennison take some time off from shaming me at Riley’s Trivia Night and just write the whole IR already?

First, he writes a great story about Republican efforts to prevent Montana from investing in renewable energy. Why Republicans are convinced that it’s better to use up all of our fossil fuels before starting to look for a new energy source is beyond me, but I’m glad Mr. Dennison shed some light on the issue.

But he goes beyond the commercial and environmental aspects of alternative energy with another stellar article, wherein military leaders point out the inherent problems with relying on classical liberalism when dealing with strategic resources. Not only does reliance on fossil fuels confront our military with acute logistical challenges, but it skews our foreign policy. Imagine how our force projection could be changed for the better if the Straight of Hormuz were just another narrow body of water. Unfortunately, Republicans can’t seem to take that wide a view, so fighting wars to defend energy resources isn’t market distortion, but offering tax breaks for wind energy is. Keep up the noble fight, Mike!

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