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Dave Lewis Wastes Your Time and Money Indulging Birchers

Senator Dave Lewis, that fiscal conservative and advocate for responsible government, actually went forward with presenting his embarrassing resolution urging that the United States withdraw from the United Nations. His resolution and testimony were riddled with factual inaccuracies and misstatements about  the relationship between the United States and United Nations, basic facts of history, and disease management. Worse yet, proponents read material from the John Birch Society when they weren’t claiming that the UN was a “Satanic” organization that planned to impose a world government and take away all of our guns.

Lewis didn’t even write the resolution himself, but cribbed it from some John Birchers who have presented the bill across the nation in other state legislatures. A month ago, I asked Senator Lewis where he had gotten the idea for the bill, because it was so similar to one proposed in Utah. As Representative Franke Wilmer pointed out (and Lewis conceded) during the hearing yesterday, the bill is loaded with basic factual errors about the UN and its actions.  I’d say that the Legislature has more pressing business on its hands that debating the fervid fantasies of people who can’t even be bothered to research their idiotic ideas.

I’d say that a state senator should respect his job enough to research every bill and resolution he presents.

Frankly, I don’t know what’s worse. My original supposition (backed by two sources) that Lewis presented the bill as part of an agreement to avoid a TEA Party challenge or that he actually believes the nonsense he said today.

And while it’s a theme I come back to often, once again I have to ask how does something like this not get covered in the newspaper? Isn’t it local news that Senator Lewis is misrepresenting the truth? That he’s plagiarizing a bill from right-wing groups?

I guess not.

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  • Lewis. What a laffer. But hey, I agree! I’ll agree with Lewis to WITHDRAW from the U.N. just as SOON as Lewis withdraws his head from his ass! Seems like a reasonable compromise to me! What about it, Lewass? You up for withdrawal, boy?

  • You’d think that Newspaper/Rags would have some sense of perspicuity – or how utterly attached to their Capitalist sponsors these bought and sold Media Barons … i chanced to read an Edition of “Roll Call”, a very expensive DC multi barometer of what’s goin down around DC like “The Hill”. Roll Call wants to charge like $300 a month or some Wallster like chump change. But they didn’t have one single article on the Demise and Vaporization of the pernicious DLC. Nothing.
    The only Reference was to an article Dec13th, a fuzzy wuzzy about the Governors who are Lap dogs and Tools [like, Brian Schweitzer!] for the real DLC =Council on Foreign Relations/ Tri-lateral Commission/ AIPAC /Neo-libs/Neo-cons. Roll Call is the DC Enquirer – so tell me how does the ubber-ultra Capitalists/Neo-Lib/ DLC going down in a Fiery Cra$h, Vaporized, DOA, get eclipsed in the Roll Call news. they charge more than $300 a month – methinks= Capitalism owns the news.

  • All across the country similiar bills and language are used, I guess the rumor that the Heritage Foundation etc sends out emails with “Talking Points” every morning is true. From Rush on down, they all use tthe same phrases. The idea that if you say something loudly enough for long enough people will think its the truth

  • Koopman tried VERY hard to find someone to challenge Lewis. I don’t think there was any deal to carry the bill or be challenged.

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