Way to Go, Krayton!

Let’s hear it for his castle doctrine bill from the last session. Gun fights, shootings, brawls and no charges filed.

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  • Gotta part company with you on this one, Pogie. It was simply a drunken bar fight. I seriously doubt that the Caslte Doctrine had anything to do with this one. Oh sure, lazy prosecutors want to be able to put everyone in jail. But is there really a need to put someone in jail after each drunken bar brawl? I think that in this case, natural consequences were quite enough. Get drunk, get loud, and mouth off? Well, someone just might not like that, especially in small town Montana.

    The burden MUST be on the prosecutors to make the case, NOT on the citizen to defend themselves against a shoddy, lazy prosecutor. After all, isn't THAT what we're paying prosecutors to do? The Castle Doctrine is right on.

    What has happened is that now, the first word out of every cop's mouth is FELONY! True story. Happens all the time here in GF. Everything according to the GF cops is a felony, even if nothing at all occurred. I would refer you to the recent case of "abuse" in the classroom. How in the WORLD could that incident possibly have been construed as a felony? And now, the charges have been dropped completely.

    You see, the Castle Doctrine is simply putting the burden back on lazy prosecutors. They system is already stacked against the citizen, and the CD just levels the playing field once again.

  • obviously, the lesson here is – if you don’t carry and you want to wet your whistle. you better stay out of the bars in montana…..

    this’ll be a huge help to the poor bar owners accross the state as the actions of these idiots taking advantage of this stupid law become publicized. should virtually eliminate fully two thirds of their business.

    that’ll get those jobs rolling!

  • Larry is so far off base here, and why am I not surprised?

    He’s even been to Lincoln!

    So now all we have to do if we’re the Griz players battling out a drug deal, we can all claim self-defense?

    Any gun fired on main street in Lincoln has the possibility of ending up in someone’s living room. Or nursery.

    Get it?

    I understand that there are situations where a person might have to defend themselves. In this story, there were plenty of people, a phone, and law enforcement available.

    Reasonable people don’t have to call the police?

    wait – reason went out the door when the damned idiots – and there are republicans AND democrats that voted for HB228 in 2009 AND the Good Governor Schweitzer signed the thing – made this law.

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