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Montana Politics

Dennis Rehberg Feels Your Pain


You’ve got to love Representative Rehberg’s efforts to paint himself as a struggling man of the people who know what tough times are like for Montanans. On his Facebook page, he feels your pain:


I know when I think of struggling small businesses working every day to make ends meet, I think of people who own an 815 acre subdivision for high-end homes managed by a former cashmere goat rancher. Don’t you?

Rehberg’s got nothing to be ashamed about. A lot of talentless people inherit money from hard-working parents and grandparents. But for the 14th richest member of Congress to pretend to Montana voters that he understands the hardships faced by out of work Montanans during a recession caused by Republian mismanagement is just insulting.

Ultimately, the contest between Jon Tester and Dennis Rehberg should be one about issues. If you can’t trust Representative Rehberg to tell the truth about who he is, though, how can you trust him on what really matters?

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