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#MTLeg Tweets of the Week


There were a lot of great 140 character observations to choose from this week, but our top five features grammatically-challenged threats, sharp insight, and pure, delicious snark. Enjoy!

5. @Mike_Wessler:

You know what’s more irresponsible than a headline? Destroying our environment and constitution #MTLeg

4. @problembear: all this legislative right wing intrusive anti-choice politics by #MTleg would die quickly if it involved penises instead of vaginas.

3. @jcknox65:
I am honored that Don Pogreba supporter Left politics takes offense with me. Guess he does not like dissenting thoughts or threats

2. @JameeGreer:

There’s been gender neutral bathrooms in the #MTLeg basement for well-over a week now and nobody has died, been assaulted, or harassed.

This week’s clear #1. @elliehill

So far, serving in the 62nd Montana Legislature is sort of like serving in the Alabama legislature… in 1954. #MTLeg

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