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Montana Blog Roundup February 5, 2011


A couple of quick notes from the Montana blog world you might have missed in montanablogupthe past week:

  • The  Knoxocalypse was all the unpaid rage in the past couple of days, landing here and at 4and20 Blackbirds and MT Cowgirl.
  • David Crisp wrote about the difference between betrayal and courage.
  • Jhwygirl highlighted the dangers of voting for unqualified Tea Party fanatics when real work needs to be done.
  • Over in the fantasysphere, Steve at Rabid Sanity demonstrated the kind of keen political analysis that led the GOP to nominate the worst candidate for Vice President in the nation’s history. For some reason, there sure hasn’t been much talk about the Legislature from Montana’s conservative bloggers, has there?
  • John Adams disappointed a lot of Montana readers and bloggers with the news that he’s taking a mandatory furlough due to ongoing financial problems at Gannett. Terrible timing, with the legislature in session.
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