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GOP Abandons its Principles; IR Upholds its Traditions

I thought the GOP was supposed to have been reinvigorated by the TEA Party, newly devoted to the will of the people (for better or worse) as opposed to its own party beliefs. I was wrong. A bill to repeal the Medical Marijuana initiative in Montana went through committee – on straight party lines. Not one Republican broke ranks in order to vote with the 62% of Montanans who voted to approve the initiative in the first place. Apparently, we don’t know what we want, and we can’t be trusted to alter the law ourselves.

As for the IR, it keeps up its tradition of writing the best headlines this town has to offer – “Bill clears way to start over”. Yes, they did uncritically use the language of a quoted Republican legislator to title the piece, embracing the assertion that the GOP just wants to start over and will come up with something better, as opposed to returning to complete prohibition and then conveniently forgetting to reinstate a new version. Fact is, we’ve got two bills going right now to try to regulate the medicine people want without outlawing it straight out. Starting over is throwing aware the car because you don’t care to replace the tires.

And one final note – Jason Christ, I hold you equally responsible for this fiasco. I hope you’re proud of endangering the medical care of thousands of people so you could make some extra cash and get your picture in the paper.

PS – Please don’t bomb my house.

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