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Wendy Warburton Makes an Argument Even Krayton Kerns Wouldn’t

From Cody Bloomsburg’s coverage at the Capitol:

Warburton replied that denying employees the right to keep guns in their vehicles  is akin to preventing them from having Bibles in their cars.
But John Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for NorthWestern Energy, wasn’t buying that. “Nobody has ever been killed by a Bible going off accidentally,” he said.

It’s going to come down to the wire in this session.  With all the insight coming from Skees, Kerns, Hinkle, Edmunds, and Warburton, it’s hard to say who will be selling the most tinfoil and KoolAid.

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  • Pogie, you do a fantastic job of illuminating all the craziness. But I'm not hopeful. I see very little pushback from decent, normal, rational people out there. I'm thinkin' that wendy warpedburpin', krazy kerns, skeester and co. are the face of the new Montana. In other words, we are entering a new era in Montana history, the Fundiwackmentalist Era. They obviously have a healthy majority which only grows daily, enough so to keep them in power for the forseeable future. These wackos are enamored of the most base, vile southern state values: god, guns, gays, pigstickin', racism, bigotry, anti-union, anti-science, anti-education, anti-abortion, anti-women, and zero regulation on industry. These pigstickers are determined to take us back about a 150 years or so. It's pretty damn sad to watch, because they appear to be winning by default. I had thought better of my fellow Montanans, but I guess I was wrong.

  • I think a lot of it is the media. For some reason, they're not highlighting the absolutely extremist rhetoric coming from the Republicans.

    I don't think most Montanans would agree with it at all, but if they don't know?

  • I especially like her beef jerky analogy too (what if you're employer is vegetarian and you bring a bag of beef jerky and leave it in your car)…

    Because, you know, a bag of beef jerky could drive a hole in someone's head…

    I can understand why some newspapers like the Daily Interlake doesn't highlight this stuff, as they're basically the Fox News of MT… but the rest of our media?

  • I agree completely. The corporate newspapers in Montana are nutless wonders with zero shame. I don't get it. How does one become such a pimp for the corporate sturcture and STILL live with themselves? I don't get it. Do these people ever look in the mirror? I don't know how. You see, it's really not necessary to bash the extremists, just simply do their jobs and point out the truth. Guess that that is not in their job description any longer.

  • I've taken the liberty of updating Wendy Warpedburpin's bible for her to the new, revised Nutjob Edition.

    "Yea though I walk through the parking lot of death, I will fear no evil, for the Lord hath blesseth me with a nice concealed weapon. And ye of little faith, the spirit is willing but the brain is weak. And I sayeth unto you, that God made all men, but Smith and Wesson made all men equal, and God made the teapartiers stupid. Therefore, concealeth your weapon until verily you accidentally shoot a coworker, for the Lord God will sorteth out the mistakes"!

    Sheesh, ya just gotta wonder why the morons like Wendy who CLAIM to be the biggest christians around are ALSO those who most lack faith and are also the most afraid of dying! Whasupwiththat? Methinks that ms. warpedburpin' is a person of little faith. I mean, there IS a HUGE difference between a parking lot and the valley of death, is ther not?! But apperently not in wendy's teensy, tiny little moronic brain!

  • I do believe that if someone would like to leave their gun in there car at work that should be fine. I would be more concerned with an upset co-worker that was bringing his/her gun into the establishment I worked. I am not too sure why you all are so anti guns. I am certainly not going to give up my right to have a gun. YOU DO KNOW THAT IF SOMEONE WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING THEY WOULD TAKE THE GUN INTO TO WORK NOT LEAVE IT IN THE CAR. Also the people that break the law do not give a rats *&%$ about rules, regulations or legislature. Do you people not know that????

    • Moi? Anti-gun? Are you freaknin' NUTS? Don't answer that, Tam. Just tell me, how many guns do you own? You see, Tam Tam, you DON'T have the right to take a gun on someone ELSE'S property if they don't WANT you to! Get it? It ain't that hard to figger out! Well, for YOU maybe. But once again, tell me how many guns you have. And then I'll tell you how many I have! And we'll SEE who's "anti-gun"! We're just anti-stupid mainly.

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