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Keeping an Eye on Egypt

While it’s incredible to see Egyptians finally standing up to Hosni Mubarak after years of repression, it is also important to keep an eye on the danger definitely on the horizon if things go sour. Here’s my biggest fear –

For the last months, Coptic Christians (about ten percent of the population) have been understandably worried about their safety. That was before.

Now, there are massive protests , increasingly encouraged by the Muslim Brotherhood threatening to topple the government that has traditionally been a secularizing influence.

Meanwhile, the vote is in – Southern Sudan has voted for independence. The government in Khartoum has promised to respect the vote, but has also promised to enforce Sharia law more strongly in the remainder of the country, which is sure to lead to at least some conflict immediately to the South of Egypt.

I’m not saying more Muslim-Christian violence is inevitable in North-East Africa, but I think its worth keeping an eye on as the US decides how to deal with protests in North Africa and the creation of a new country in Sudan.

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  • The Egytians will be just fine as long as the friggin' U.S. keeps its sorry ass outta the equation. This is NOT a religious uprising at all. These are young, sophisticated people who are damn tired of a brutal dictatorship. They're gonna get it right it we just butt the hell out. Now, is that possible? I doubt it. Maybe we should open up a fourth front war in Eygt to keep the Israelis happy.

  • Actually, every leader of Egypt before Mubarak fought and lost a war against Israel. Not until we got involved did that trend stop and Egypt was finally at peace with its most powerful neighbor. So I'm not sure deciding to start ignoring Egypt again is a good idea.

    • israel woud have won NOTHING without u.s. aid during its wars. Better brush up on your history BEFORE posting. And really, WHY is isreal a "powerful" neighbor? Is it because we give them billions in aid, which they turn around and lobby our government with? Actually, not lobby, but infiltrate? Sorry, dude, but isral is NOT my ally. You can claim them if you wish, but they have become the thing they hate most, nazis. Read a bit more and inform yourself.

  • Larry, I'm generally merciful towards your ignorance as one would be towards a child that doesn't know what it is saying. But I need to make a few points. Israel beat the Arabs in 1948 without massive US aid. Yes, the US was a key factor in Israel beating the Arabs again in 67 and 72, but then Egypt was only able to put up a fight because of Soviet aid.

    Now, why is it that you call Israelis Nazis? Is it because they occupy Palestinian territory? Well, technically they don't even do that any more, except when attacked. But what about the entire time between 1948 and 1967? Where was the Palestinian state? The answer is it didn't exist because Jordan, Egypt and Syria didn't care about the Palestinians any more than the Israelis do.

    How is what Israel is doing any worse than what the Sinhalese did to the Tamils or the Turks to the Kurds for the past decades? The fact is Israel is in your sights only because they are convenient punching bags for the Muslim world to blame their problems on, despite their demonstrated apathy towards them when they aren't under the administration of the Jewish state. They ought to treat the Palestinians better, it's true. Palestine ought to be a state, like Kurdistan. But while they are boycotted and called out and attacked and used as excuse for all manner of Islamic fundamentalism, they are not acting any differently than many other countries who get a free pass because they are not as convenient to condemn.

  • You are simply a Polish joke, dude, NOT a wolf! (my apologies to the Poles). So, THAT'S your standard? The isralis are no worse than others? Well, I beg to differ. They have absolutley infiltrated OUR government, or are you a complete buffoon? Again, why is israll our "ally"? I would really like to know. Geez, last time I checked, an ally does NOT attack one of our naval vessels and attempt to murder the entire crew! Nope, not my ally. Why do YOU consider a country that does this to be an ally? Did YOU serve in the military? Just wondering. israal is all about fascim. But don't take my word for it. Listen to the dissident voices in israll itself. It's evil that our country has started two senseless proxy wars on their behalf. The world would be a MUCH better place if it had never been created. And that's just a fact. israll is the most destabilizing factor in the world right now, and they do nothing to change that. Whatever happens to them they deserve. And no, I'm NOT anti-semetic. I think all religions are bullshit.

  • p.s. and polish joke, I TOO remember those times you talk about, and how at the time it was fashionable to view the Arabs as cowards. Talk about racism! It was horrible! And it was also fashionable to talk about the "brave" Jews, and how they were so chosen. Well sorry, dude. I think that we've laid to rest the notion that the vaunted jews are so superior to the Arabs in battle. Hell, the last venture into Lebanon was a disaster for the great chosen ones. It's an entirely new ballgame, and one that will play out differently in the future. The middle east is beign reconfigured as we speak, and my greatest fear is that the u.s. and isral are going to do everything they can to screw things up again and facilitate an extreme Muslim takeover. That would not be good. The u.s. must butt out. Time to stop being the policeman of the world on israll's behalf.

  • 1. Learn to spell

    2. I never called Israel an ally. You assumed I did, because it was a quick springboard into your incomprehensible rage mode.

    3. It's not for Israel's sake alone we might want to prevent another Arab-Israeli war. You may remember that the Arabs lost all of those, and it was as a result of this repeated warfare that the Palestinians were conquered in the first place. If we had gotten Israel and Egypt to recognize each other ten years earlier, the Palestinians would be living in Egypt and Jordan still. Instead, we waited until 1977 to 'butt in' and start bribing Egypt to recognize Israel. If we 'butt out' again, it will involve violating the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, and I guarantee you that that outcome will not leave Egypt, Palestine, or Israel better off.

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