Champ Edmunds: A One Term Ass


It’s not surprising to see Krayton Kerns vote like an idiot. The Montana legislature has had to endure his antics for two sessions and there’s little reason to believe that he’ll change. He actually believes his schtick represents the truth. A new session of the legislature, though, provides an opportunity for other members of the GOP caucus to embarrass themselves and us.

An early candidate for worst member of the House has to be  “Champ” (seriously?) Edmunds, who is demonstrating unique ways to show how little he belongs in the People’s House.

Even though county election officials say there has been little concern about fraud in Montana’s elections and that moving to a mail balloting system would actually be safer and more efficient, Edmunds wants to end same day registration and fears the incredible danger of mail voting. According to this paragon of logic and reason, it’s quite likely that a student working in UM Housing will conspire with another student working in Student Affairs and steal hundreds of ballots, forge signatures, and vote fraudulently.

That’s just dumb; today, Edmunds decided to be an ass. During a vote on HB 270, which would designate a portion of US Highway 93 to honor Highway Patrol Officer Michael W. Haynes, who was killed in the line of duty, Edmunds just couldn’t support the bill:

Rep. Champ Edmunds, R-Missoula, said he meant no disrespect by his comments but added that South Carolina roads were peppered with memorials. He said Montana could get on a “slippery slope” if it began naming its highways for individuals.

In other words, Edmunds voted against naming a highway to honor someone who lost his life in the line of duty because of the danger of naming other highways after other people who sacrifice their lives in the service of others.

It’s one thing to be an idiot, “Champ.” It’s entirely another to be an asshole. One term is more than enough for this clown.

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