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I’d the best last person to criticize some hard, investigative news appearing in the local paper, but I was definitely troubled by today’s story about the hiring of a banking commissioner by the Schweitzer administration.

The story’s headline reads “State’s Banking Hire Raises Questions,” but an obvious question came to my mind: who’s asking? There’s not a single quote from any person criticizing the hiring, which means, as far as news goes, no one’s asking any questions. The piece doesn’t reference a single source (named or unnamed) who is critical of the hire.

I’d love to see more investigative reporting in the IR and the other Lee papers. This just isn’t it, though. Unless someone wants to go on the record, this just feels like a smear campaign being conducted by a disgruntled applicant.

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  • This is classing from the Independent Record. They are the king of drive by journalism. My daily read of this paper is only for laughs (free online). I read the Gazette.

  • Pogie, does this REALLY surprise you?

    Governor Schweitzers MO has been to provide State jobs for political allies and their families – and as Governor, he can arrange them without problem.

    It's just the way it has been, and will be.

    Just look at the Schweitzer family consigliere, Walt Schweitzer for an example.

    He gets a nice State of Montana paycheck – for a symbolic job.

    Look at Sam Kitzenberg a few years ago – The Governor needed another vote, so Sam got a nice State job, and switched parties –

    How did Mike Cooney get his job with the Dept. of Labor?

    Schweitzer has built up an extensive list – that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    • Eric, you're WAY off base on this one. Read the article in the IR. The article presented NOTHING in the way of supporting your statement. What happened here is that some dumbass put a pisspoor headline on the article. The article itself is fairly straightforward with really no indication of impropriety. Hell, even the GF Spitoon did a better job with it. Schweitzer did nothing wrong. But his detractors have NEVER let up since he took office. And yes, I'm STILL waiting with baited breath the famous book by Booby Keenan of Big Dork. Remember him? One of your pals? He was gonna keep a journal of everything Schweitzer said and use it against him! Well, the air kinda went outta Booby's balloon a looong time ago. If your guv haters are gonna destroy him yet, you best get your ass in gear! For the las time I checked, he's STILL the most popular guv we've ever had. Good luck, Eric.

      • "In her application letter, Griggs listed as her address the same South Park Avenue home that state records show is owned by Franklin Hall, a recently hired senior adviser to Schweitzer"

        Well Larry – I guess if you live with a Schweitzer crony it's all on the up and up – LOL

        • Guess I still don't get it. What is your point? Is your scandal really scandalous? I'm not seeing it. Sorry to be so obtuse. I prefer my scandals to jump off the page at me. And really, I doubt that this one even merits a footnote in Booby Keena of Big Dork's book! I may be wrong, but with all the Schweitzer supposed scandals, this just don't seem to have legs. Better luck next time. But again, you'd better hurry. Schweitzer will be president before you find a decent scandal on him.

  • On the Wikipedia, phrases like "questions have been raised" or "it has been claimed" are called Weasel Words because they use the passive voice to disguise the vagueness of the assertion. I'm just saying, this falls below Wikipedia's own standards for credibility…

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