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Krayton Kerns: Bills I Haven’t Read Will Cause a Police State!

I suppose it’s not surprising that Steve would commend this kind of reflexively “conservative” thinking, but it’s suprising that a legislator would be so honest about his unwillingness to do the most basic part of his job: reading bills he votes on. It seems Representative Kerns has decided that he can’t support most of the legislation designed to reduce the number of drunk drivers on Montana’s roads, despite having not having really read the bills:

Without reading them in depth, I will make the blanket statement most all the 15 DUI bills will be ineffective. They are merely more of the same and if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. However, one of the bills significantly empowers the police state by demanding citizens charged with an offense to surrender constitutional rights without due process of law; it is the perfect storm for progressive regulation and if Americans accept this, they will tolerate anything.

You really have to admire that kind of leadership. Without having read the bills “in depth” Kerns has managed to not only determine that they will be ineffective, but that they will lead Montanans into a jack-booted police state one step away from Berlin in 1943.

The real questions? Why does anyone take this hyperbolic clown seriously and why do the people of Laurel keep electing him?

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