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Your Republican Legislators: Against Criminals Paying Restitution and the Elderly Voting


A big day of battling tyranny for the GOP in the Montana Legislature today.

First, led by Krayton Kerns, 44 of them voted against House Bill 81, which would (without adding a single cent to the budget) reimburse the victims of fraud by making perpetrators of securities fraud pay victims. A bill that would protect consumers and actually penalize the kind of criminals who prey on the elderly and easily exploited was nearly defeated because, according to Kerns, “it creates another government program.”

Later in the day, Missoula’s Champ Edwards offered a bill to end Montana’s same day voter registration laws, apparently because the site of eager voters waiting in line troubled him a great deal:

In 2010, some people in Missoula County were still registering to vote at 10 p.m. on Election Day, two hours after the poll closing time, he said.

Who would the bill hurt? Well, according to testimony from opponents just the elderly, low-income, disabled, young, and “unlikely” voters.

Increased democratic participation? Undemocratic, apparently.

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