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Montana Politics

Representative Rehberg: Stop Tweeting, Start Governing


From the desk of Montana’s gentleman subdivision rancher today, via Facebook:

CBO estimates your insurance rates will increase $2,100 in next 5 years because of Obamacare. We need to focus on costs.

The truth?

What that report actually says is that for the largest segment of the health insurance market, amounting to about 70 percent of those with coverage, “the legislation would yield an average premium per person that is zero to 3 percent lower in 2016 (relative to current law).” That’s on page 7 of the report, and it refers to those in the “large group” market — those with policies through employers who have more than 50 workers.

It’s bad enough that Dennis Rehberg hypocritically receives government health care while voting against coverage for millions of Americans. Why does he have to lie about that very coverage he voted against?

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