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Montana Politics

Quick Question for the Rehberg Ghost Writer


When you took time away from your pressing Congressional duties to write the hit piece on Jon Tester and Forest Jobs and Recreation bill for a collection of Republican county commissioners to sign in today’s Independent Record, you wrote:

We can do the jobs and recreation part without the wilderness pill, or at the very least, we can support Congressman Denny Rehberg’s effort to link new wilderness to actual job creation and forest management.

To what effort did you refer? When I asked Representative Rehberg at his telephone town hall, he told me that he hadn’t proposed any legislation in his ten years in Congress, and a quick search of Thomas confirms this. Was his “effort” getting his name in the newspaper repeatedly for not having done anything? Perhaps his inane tweets?

Where I and most most Montanans come from, effort means putting in a full day’s work to accomplish something, not just talking about it.

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