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A Reassuring Opening Day at the PSC


John Adams at the Tribune has been following a delightful opening session of the Montana Public Service Commission, during which the interests of the people have been aside for a far more pressing matter: the battle between the titanic egos of Travis Kavulla and Brad Molnar. How’s the PSC spent its opening day? Watching Kavulla and Molnar put politics ahead of their jobs:

The same can not be said for the Montana Public Service Commission, where an impasse among the body’s Republican members has lead to an interesting procedural conundrum and some heated words between two GOP commission members.

The video, which Adams has posted, demonstrates the erudition and statesmanship of the two combatants far better than my words could.

Update: Another effort to vote for chair leads to a 2-2-1 no vote for Molnar.

Update 2: It’s hard not to keep watching. Kavulla nominating himself, with no other votes than his own! Molnar about to drive his car into a teenager in an incoherent rage causedby his absolute inability to follow procedure!

Your Montana GOP “at work.”

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