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Most Popular Posts of 2010

She may not have won her election bid, but Kristi Allen-Gailushas was the winner of the most popular post(s) at Intelligent Discontent for the year 2010.  The top five weren’t incredibly diverse, with two about KAG, two about Denny Rehberg, and one about the Montana Democratic Party topping the lists.

5. The Montana Democrats Offer a Lame Response to GOP Hate (July 17)

A disappointing response by the Montana Democratic Party to the Republican platform’s call to outlaw “homosexual acts” was the fifth most popular post this year and demonstrated the half-hearted way the party often responds to social issues, perhaps foreshadowing the disappointing votes offered by Senators Tester and Baucus on the DREAM Act. While Montana Democrats certainly need to be careful not to alienate voters, weakness on fundamental questions of human rights isn’t the place for half-hearted responses.

4-3. Dennis Rehberg Really Hates Firefighters and The Prince of the Rimrocks Keeps Talking (July 13 and July 30)

Two posts that demonstrate the utter disrespect Montana’s representative in Congress has for people who not only work for a living, but who risk their lives for others. Rehberg’s cynical decision to sue the City of Billing and its firefighters was compounded by the lie that he was fighting the fire with them–when his official schedule made it clear he left the property for a parade was compounded by his decision to turn around and vote against health benefits for first responders at the World Trade Center. Rehberg even doubled down this Christmas, voting against the benefits that the Senate unanimously approved. Unfortunately, the Montana media seemed not to notice or care.

2-1. Astonishingly, The Video of the Health Education Suit is Worse than the Initial Story (Aug 24) and Sex Ed is TYRANNY! (Aug 21)

It’s not surprising that the two top posts of 2010 dealt with Helena’s health curriculum debacle and its patriotic ringleaders, Tim Ravndal and Kristi Allen-Gailushas. These self-appointed guardians of morality for all and obesity for children hit the Tea Party Trifecta: half-baked notions about the Constitution, conspiracy theories and misinformation in a months-long spectacle that, in the end, had far less to do with the well-being of children than it did with gaining attention for themselves. Despite the divisive nature of the tactics employed by opponents of the health curriculum, ranging from virulent homophobia to frivolous, never-filed lawsuits, it’s hard to imagine they won’t be back for more in 2011.

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