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Could Someone in the Private Sector Please Give Brad Johnson a Job?


It’s always good to see principled defenders of free markets and government jobs constantly on the prowl for the kind of bureaucratic work they demonize. Brad Johnson, fresh from his last campaign debacle, still desperately wants one of those government positions:

Two more people applied for the job as state political practices commissioner before Friday’s deadline to bring the total number of applicants to 19.
They are Brad Johnson of East Helena and Mike Fellows of Missoula.

Johnson seems to remember his tenure as Secretary of State differently than I (and a majority of Montana voters) do:

"I believe that having served four years as Montana secretary of state and as Montana’s chief elections officer makes me uniquely qualified to serve as commissioner of political practices," Johnson said.

Let’s see. A mismanaged 2006 election, inappropriate pay bonuses, opposition to wildly successful same day voting, paperwork errors that impacted elections, failed policies to comply with HAVA, and wasted days spent on politics.

I’d say our experience with Brad Johnson is precisely why he’s not qualified for the job.

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