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Maybe the Worst Editorial Ever Written (No, Seriously)


I’ve read this editorial by the Montana Standard defending the Montana Meth Project three times, and can’t even begin to decode it. Maybe I’m tired, but I think it can be summarized like this:

Premise 1: The new meth study claims that meth use was declining since 2005, demonstrating limited effectiveness of the MMP.

Premise 2: Oh, no, that’s not true. Meth use is up or at least static, with 2009 looking worse than 2008.

Conclusion: Therefore, the Montana Meth Project works because it’s “in your face.”

The piece manages to engage in post hoc, non sequitur and begging the question in less than 500 words.

This thing makes the Tea Party health education lawsuit almost make sense by comparison. Surely, the ad revenue the Lee Newspapers generate from the Meth Project should result in better writing than this.

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