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To: Coobs, Pt. 2

Having addressed Coobs’ one really unfathomable hatred, that which he holds for those who live and work in America without the proper pieces of paper, let’s move on to the other point he keeps bringing up, the fact that Denny Rehburg will likely win his election. Here’s the facts:

Ninety-six percent of incumbent House members are reelected in any given election. Midterm elections are generally bad for the party of the President, historically (Bush’s first term being a notable exception).

So yes, odds are with Denny. Does that mean he is somehow a better Representative than he was last year? Not anymore than having more fans than the White Sox makes the Cubs a better team. He has been the Rep since 2001, and has only had any excuse for his lackluster performance for the past three years. Political blogs have a responsibility to point out his mistakes, because as an incumbent House member, because we ought to make sure as many people as possible know when he performs badly, hoping it either gets him voted out or gets him to change his behavior. If that means we support a lost cause every two years, so be it. You, on the other hand, Niccolo Coobs, seem to have a thoroughly political mind, but I encourage you just once to “abandon what is done for what ought to be done.”

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  • What you've forgotten is that Denny has done a good job for us.

    He's not a California-lawyer-turned-rancher, like Dennis McDonald. What's that mean? It means he's not a phony.

    I've met Denny more than once. Our kids go to the same High School.

    A hard truth for you Dems;

    The Democrats took over the House and the Senate at the same time in January of 2007. They are responsible for the Obama economy. They did backroom buyouts, and shady deals to force Obamacare upon us. They let The Great Leader walk all over the Constitution appointing 'Car Czars' and other such positions.

    Frankly, I'm not willing to send them another yes-man like Jon Tester.

    If my best friend was a liberal Dem, I wouldn't send him to Washington to help Reid/Pelosi and the Messiah make more mistakes.

    Take a look at the bills Denny's sponsored, and the Dems have them buried somewhere, just to help Jay/Pogie/Cowgirl, whoever, try to smear him as doing nothing.

    I predict Denny wins this race 69-31 over McDonald for the above reasons.

    And the Democrats with the money agree with me. They've already given up on McDonald too. Good.

  • You mean, Democrats are responsible for the fact that our deepest recession in decades is no longer contracting our economy? They are responsible for the fact that the economy is in fact GROWING? The problem with the economy is that we are focusing too much on GDP and not enough on jobs. Democrats have pulled a GOP – they bailed out the rich hoping to stimulate the economy, and the result is a jobless recovery. The only way to solve that is to keep government actively involved (i.e., infrastructure investment, for one), since the growing private sector remains unwilling to create jobs.

    If you disagree with this assessment, look at wealth distribution. The top 10% are making nearly as much as the rest of us combined, and the top five percent have seen their incomes grow three times as fast as the median American. This is what is killing jobs, and the only way to do it is to tax that one percent to create employment for the rest of us.

  • Wait, you got me distracted again! I'm not the Republican here. I would like you to post the substantive bills Denny has introduced. You ask me to look them up – that's a little silly. I'm the one claiming he hasn't been a successful Representative, you are the one claiming he has. That's like making an agnostic find proofs of God. (Sorry if you have looked them up before, I haven't seen them here and I think I've been a pretty avid reader of this blog).

  • Eric – for future reference, Denny doesn't post legislation he has sponsored any easy to find on his own website. You have to go to the database to get it. But hey, I did your work for you, and it turns out the amount of legislation Denny has sponsored hasn't even dipped since Democrats took the majority. In fact, the 111th congress has been his most productive as far as sponsoring bills – the 108th he only sponsored 12, compared to 34 now. So, I don't think you can blame Nancy Pelosi for your inability to come up with solid Rehburg achievements. Most of his resolutions are trivial, or are in fact negative. And as Pogie's original post points out, his voting record does not lend itself to the sorts of claims he likes to make about supporting those who sacrifice for America.

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