Dennis Rehberg: Exploiting 9/11 for Politics

What did Representative Rehberg have to say on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks? This:

Today, we remember not only those who lost their lives to the unprovoked actions of evil, but also the first-responders who didn’t hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way to save them.  We also remember the brave men and women who have since given their lives in defense of our freedom.  As Thomas Jefferson warned, ‘the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.’  My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones in the attacks on 9/11, and today we must also honor the soldiers and their families who continue to defend freedom at home and abroad.”

Perhaps Representative Rehberg should have thought about remembering the first responders who risked their lives that morning when he voted, less than two months ago, against providing extended health benefits for them.

Perhaps Representative Rehberg should do more than think about the soldiers continuing to fight the wars he unquestioningly supported, and actually work for their benefits. Rehberg has atrocious ratings from the Disabled American Veterans, the Retired Enlisted Association, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. His thoughts and prayers won’t improve conditions in their hospitals, provide access to medical care, or ensure that their sacrifice is honored.

It’s not just that Representative Rehberg has failed to serve those that the federal government has the most obligation to; it’s worse. He dishonors himself and his office by seeking to associate himself with real heroes he has failed to serve.

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Don Pogreba

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