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The Perfect Post-Modern Party

Has anyone else noticed that the T.E.A. Party, for all of their apparent crudeness, is in fact the perfect party for the our current era? Like any good graduate student, they have realized that saying or doing anything concrete will open you up to criticism. Best just to talk in circles and vague statements, like many of their contemporaries in academia (who drive me equally insane). The first rule of a TEA Party member – avoid DOING anything. Hence, Sarah Palin, who decided that rather than being chief executive of America’s largest State, she could have more influence by doing nothing but talking. The second rule is this ‘no one is in charge’ business. I think a replier to Cowgirl’s blog says it best when he (LChad, whoever he is) says –

“TEA does not opperate [sic] like the majory [sic] Parties D or R in election of officials & nomination of candidates – all are individuals. Stand alone persons”

I’ll come back to the irony of this in contrast to the standard T.E.A. view of Muslims at a later time. For now, I’ll just note that this again is like the post-modern tendency of all scholarship to point out exceptions and idiosyncrasies and conclude that “any generalization is impossible”*. Meaning, of course, that should a T.E.A. member or even leader do something untoward, no assumption can be drawn from this. But, if any Democrat (or Republican!) should involve him or herself in scandal, it reveals a ‘culture of corruption’ in Washington or Helena or where ever.

Of course, we have only ourselves to blame – our scandal-hungry, continuously negative media made it inevitable that a party without actions (which may be assessed) or leaders (which may cause scandal) would eventually arise.

*(Author, Author, and Author, “Catchy Title : The trendy concept of my doctoral thesis”, Any Social Science Journal anytime in the past several decades, pg. 47)

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