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Montana Politics

Swandal Campaign Cries About an Endorsement


Today’s story, about the Montana Chamber of Commerce endorsing both Beth Baker and Nels Swandal, seems to have a headline that is somewhat content-deficient and doesn’t really capture the story. It reads “State Chamber of Commerce endorses both Supreme Court candidates, gets grief for it.”

Ignoring the fact that the endorsements (and reaction) are a week old, the headline doesn’t really say what happened: the Chamber endorsed both candidates and Swandal is crying about it.

This campaign has certainly demonstrated that Judge Swandal lacks both the temperament and impartiality necessary to sit on the Supreme Court, and this latest fit demonstrates that his judgment is, at the least, suspect. As the president of the Montana Chamber of Commerce told the IR, it’s an unconventional strategy to attack an organize that gave you its endorsement.

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