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Senators Tester and Baucus Pander to the Right Wing on Immigration


I’m still reeling from Senator Tester’s decision to work on balancing the budget on the backs of the unemployed, and now today, I learn that he supports the right of states to impose racial profiling schemes, the Flathead Beacon reports.

At a federal court hearing today, ACLU lawyer Omar Jadwat described the law:

"We are asking the court to block SB 1070 right now because if this discriminatory law went into effect for even one day, it would be one day too many. Any law that requires law enforcement to ask people they stop and suspect of being undocumented for their ‘papers’ violates the U.S. Constitution and the American values of fairness and equality. This law is a clear invitation for racial profiling, and we’re confident that the court will understand the importance of preventing it from ever taking effect."

The candidate I remember taking such a strong stand against the invasive Patriot Act would not only not be voting for this law; he would be denouncing it. I can’t understand how Senator Tester can justify his position on this vote, which is incredibly disappointing.

Something to keep in mind, Senator Tester. If they only other Democrats voting for something include Nelson, Baucus, and Lincoln, it’s probably a bad vote.

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