The Prince of the Rimrocks Keeps Talking (Updated with More Pure Dumb)


With all the digging Representative Rehberg has done lately, perhaps he could have dug a fire line while he was out battling the blaze with the Billings Fire Department?

“This has absolutely nothing to do with the firefighters,” the Republican congressman said. “I trust you, I believe in you, I respect you. I would not insult you. And, in fact, I was standing next to you fighting that fire.”

It’s certainly an interesting strategy to try to win the favor of the firefighters, suggesting that he was out working with them. By accounts I’ve heard, rather than fighting the fire, the Rehbergs were fighting the firefighters, ordering them around the property.

Why is Rehberg suing the city again?

Rehberg filed the lawsuit just before the deadline and said that he just wanted to know why no firefighters were on scene to make sure the fire didn’t re-ignite.

Just to be clear, the Prince of the Rimrocks is suing the City of Billings and its firefighters because they didn’t stand guard on his fiefdom from July 2, 2008 until the danger of a reignited fire (on a dry, windswept property full of uncleared brush on a 100 degree day) went away.

Where the prince? Not anywhere his endangered property, watching it himself:


Update: What did Rehberg tell the Montana firefighters to defend himself?

“You have to understand I’m running against a guy that’s willing to say and do anything,” Rehberg said. “So everything of a disparaging nature about firefighters was not said by me, but was said on my behalf by somebody else.”


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