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Montana Politics

I’m Not a Journalist, But. . .


If I were to have written this story about Dennis Rehberg’s visit to Missoula, wouldn’t it have been interesting to learn how he answered this question?

In his morning session, which was open to the public, Rehberg was peppered with questions and comments like the one from Betsy Mulligan-Dague, executive director of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center.
"I’m concerned about the trillion dollars we’re spending in wars around the world," said Mulligan-Dague. "What are we doing to end those wars which don’t seem to be ending? Let’s end those, spend that money to take care of our elderly and our education and finding jobs that are productive."

As fascinating as reading the rest of the story’s summary of Rehberg’s standard stump speech was, it would certainly have better informed Montana voters had they learned Rehberg’s answer.

Of course, one would think the Missoulian or the Ravalli Republican would have covered this incoherent mess of an answer, too.

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