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What’s Wrong with Dave Lewis?


I honestly can’t understand what’s going through the mind of Dave Lewis lately. While I can’t say that I often agreed with his politics, he seemed like a fairly reasonable member of the Republican caucus less inclined to the right wing fantasies of Ed Butcher and his kind.

Matt Singer points out that Lewis put in a draft request for a resolution in the 2011 session–a draft calling for the United States to leave the United Nations. You know, a pragmatic, essential bill for a Legislature facing some very difficult financial challenges.

While inane resolutions calling for withdrawal from the United Nations are nothing new for Republicans at the Montana Legislature, I expected more reason from Senator Lewis. It’s fascinating to see him even drafting a resolution that seems designed only to appeal to the Birchers drinking Tea in his party.

At least the Montana Conservative Alliance will appreciate this move, I guess.

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Don Pogreba

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