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The Latest on Rehberg Versus Firefighters

Two interesting items from the latest Billings Gazette story, though I don’t understand why they haven’t posted the actual suit.

1. The Rehbergs actually tried to extend the statute of limitations:

After receiving a request from the plaintiffs, city officials declined last week to extend the statute of limitations beyond a two-year limit set for property damage cases, said City Attorney Brent Brooks.

Gosh, I wonder why they would want to wait? It would seem that two years would be enough time to determine that “irreparable” damage was done to one’s scrub brush, wouldn’t it?

Of course, with one staffer already facing trial in August and Rehberg likely to have to testify in a drunk boating incident, maybe his legal calendar is full.

2. Rehberg’s campaign is dishonest.

Rehberg’s suit:

The complaint alleges that the Fire Department “carelessly abandoned the scene of a fire that it had not adequately suppressed during hot and windy conditions,” threatening homes and causing foreseeable damage to grazing land, fences, water pipes and other property.

Rehberg today:

“It’s unfortunate that some folks are mischaracterizing this situation for political gain,” Rehberg said. “The appreciation I expressed to the front-line firefighters back in 2008 is the same appreciation I feel today. Jan and I have the deepest respect for firefighters and the dangerous work they do here in Billings. We continue to be very thankful for their bravery and skill.”

That’s certainly an interesting form of appreciation. Maybe next time Rehberg will just offer the firefighters a cup of coffee and a round of golf. Or not.

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