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Representative Rehberg’s Fiscally Conservative Government-Funded Campaign Materials

Let me see if I understand this. Representative Rehberg is opposed to seeking4081722962_ddd24e4169_o earmarks that could benefit the Montanans he works for, calling the spending “wasteful,” but he doesn’t mind using federal funds to send those same voters glossy, full-color campaign advertisements in the mail?

This certainly isn’t new for Representative Rehberg, whose hypocrisy seems to know no bounds. In 2006, Rehberg spent an estimated $160,000 mailing dishonest puff pieces to constituents. Long time readers might remember my attempt to get removed from the mailing list to help the budget deficit. Just last week, Matt Singer reported on direct marketing e-mail he (and I, along with thousands) received just before the primary election, paid for by Congressional funds.

So we know Rehberg is a hypocrite who spent $125,266 on franking last year, with no doubt more to come this year. We also know that he is a dishonest hypocrite.

What does his informative mailer claim, other than providing links to his YouTube and Twitter page? A series of distortions, listed below the fold:

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Right to Ride Livestock Act Protects without Passage

Rehberg claimed that he “helped lead the fight in passing the Right-to-Ride Livestock Act. Some fight, given that it passed the House in 2006 and died in the Senate. It’s pretty hard to understand how this law, which didn’t pass, “protects” anything.

The Hunting Heritage Act Has a Whopping 8 Cosponsors

Rehberg claims that he’s introduced “the Hunting Heritage Act” to protect the right to hunt for our children and grandchildren. He hasn’t introduced it to many people, however, as despite being introduced a year ago, the bill has only 8 cosponsors. You’d think that more people would sign on just because they feel badly for Rehberg and his incompetence.

Rehberg Battles Imaginary Enemies

The Representative has gotten a ton out of mileage from his latest paranoid conspiracy theory, that the Obama administration plans to confiscate millions of acres of land. While this talk plays well with the Mark French crowd, it’s an absurdity that’s based on false information.

I think voters should do as the mailer suggests, and contact Representative Rehberg. You might ask him why water projects in Montana are wasteful spending, but campaign mailers aren’t, you might him why he can’t get cosponsors for legislation he trumpets, and you might ask him what he’s done in a decade in the Congress, other than sending tweets and juvenile Facebook updates.

Montana deserves more.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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