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Sleazy Conservative Mailers Mystery!

It’s certainly a challenge to speculate about who might be behind the latest sleazy and anonymous mailers being sent out attacking Republican legislative candidates for being insufficiently conservative:

Commissioner of Political Practices Dennis Unsworth said the groups appear to be breaking Montana campaign laws by failing to register with his office or disclose how they’re raising and spending their money.
The mailers are trying to influence elections and therefore are campaign spending, and state law requires specific disclosure of the donors and spending of campaign funds, Unsworth said.
“These are shady characters trying to dupe voters,” he said. “They think they need to hide, for some reason. They are working hard to avoid disclosure.”

Despite the mysterious nature of the mailers, three pieces of evidence certainly suggest a possible suspect.

  1. It’s a sleazy attack from someone willing to break the law for the sake of politics.
  2. They’re postmarked in Lewistown, where crazy out-of state initiatives and horse butchering dreams seem to come true.
  3. The mailers are cleverly ascribed to an organization named the Assembly Action Fund.

Boy, those Republicans sure butcher each other during the primaries, don’t they?

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