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Is Brad Johnson Even Running for the PSC?


On the heels of Brad Johnson’s arrest news, some more bad news for the candidate for the District 5 PSC seat: he hasn’t raised any money:

Bill Gallagher, a Helena attorney running in Western Montana’s District 5, reported Thursday that he’s raised $13,800 in campaign funds through Sunday, including $7,000 of his own money.
That’s almost seven times the amount raised by his Republican primary opponent, former Montana Secretary of State Brad Johnson, who had garnered only $2,100 in campaign funds, including $1,500 from his own pocket.

While it’s fair to say that no one is raising a ton of money for these primaries, Johnson’s case seems exceptional. He’s a former statewide officeholder for the GOP, the kind of person you’d expect to be able to raise at least a little coin.

Of course, looking at Johnson’s web site might have led prospective donors to reconsider.

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