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Dennis Rehberg’s Firm Grasp of Economics and History Demonstrated Once Again

Dennis Rehberg, your aspiring Senator, yesterday:

Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, today reacted strongly to the release of federal unemployment figures that, for the first time since 1983, breached 10 percent. Last month alone, the economy lost 190,000 jobs bringing the total job losses since the February passage of the “so-called” stimulus to more than 2.8 million.

He continues:

“It’s well past time for better economic solutions in Washington,” said Rehberg. “From the start, I’ve said to follow the models that worked for John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan – smaller government and lower taxes that empower individuals and small businesses.”

I hate to compete with the historical knowledge of Representative Rehberg, but I am fairly certain that Ronald Reagan was President in 1983 and that his deficit-blowing tax cut passed in 1981. Let’s recap: Reagan, higher rate of unemployment  two full years after his tax cuts passed and a massive expansion of the federal deficit = a sound economic model. Obama’s plan, which hasn’t had time to fully be measured=reckless socialism that endangers our future.

Since Republicans, have for the past decade, tried to give Reagan credit for the Clinton boom, maybe they should take a deep breath, get some oxygen in their brains, and give Obama’s economic policies time to work. After all, he does have eight years of decline and structural failure to address.

Keep sending out those press releases, Representative Rehberg. It’s almost like doing something.

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  • Rehberg invoking Kennedy’s name is a travesty. Plus, Denny claims that JFK promoted “smaller government” when in fact he introduced a domestic program (the “New Frontier”) which promised federal funding for education, medical care for the elderly, economic aid to rural regions, and government intervention to halt the recession. And, of course, JFK accelerated the space program after the USSR launched Sputnik.

    As usual, Denny gets it wrong.

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