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Senator Rehberg? Ha!

Is Dennis spending all of his time on Facebook and Twitter because he is planning a run against Jon Tester? Politico suggests he might be:

Rehberg, who was seen exiting the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Capitol Hill headquarters Thursday morning, is the state’s lone representative in the House.

There’s mutual interest between Rehberg and NRSC officials, according to a source familiar with both sides.

It makes sense for Rehberg to think he’d fit in with the Republican members of the Senate. With an impressive resume consisting of grandstanding stunts, stubborn opposition to helping working Americans, and a legislative record consisting of resolutions honoring football teams and Montana cities, Rehberg seems like he’d be a star member of the GOP caucus.

It’s just unfortunate for him that Montanans are much more likely to vote for a Senator like Jon Tester, who’s already doing important work in Washington, than for a glorified resolution writer who votes against the interests of his constituents far more often than he does for them.

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  • I hope Rehberg challenges Tester in 2012.

    First, he’d actually have to work at getting elected — something he isn’t used to.

    Second, Rehberg’s record is abysmal. Let’s hope he runs on it.

    Third, the race pits a gentleman goat rancher/developer against a real Montana farmer.

    Fourth, Rehberg’s involvement in boating drunk.

    Well, the list goes on-and-on.

    A sound thrashing of Denny by Jon would signal the end of Rehberg’s political career. Nothing could be sweeter.

  • I love hearing the whistling from the graveyard as you walk through –

    Senator Tester has one-term written all over him.

    He got elected on lies, and promises (unkept) –

    and so-far has done nothing but obey Harry Reid –

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