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By All Means, Keep “Negotiating” with the Republicans, Senator Baucus


They’re certainly working in good faith with you:

Mike Enzi, one of three Republicans ostensibly negotiating health care reform as part of the Senate’s "Gang of Six," told a Wyoming town hall crowd that he had no plans to compromise with Democrats and was merely trying to extract concessions.

"It’s not where I get them to compromise, it’s what I get them to leave out," Enzi said Monday, according to the Billings Gazette.

If the past generation of Republican politics haven’t convinced Senator Baucus that they are unwilling to accept anything than their agenda as “bipartisan,” nothing will, I’m afraid.

Leave them to their shrinking and shrieking base.

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  • I don't understand why uber conservatives are so afraid of reform. It's actually quite heart breaking. Do they want the middle and lower class to suffer? Apparently… and how they stay in office with that is just mystifying.

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