I Want to be a TV Journalist

I think Nick Lough definitely felt a thrill going up his leg when he wrote this fine piece of news copy about a Rehberg town hall:

The town hall brought Americans from all walks of life together in the same room. A small business owner working through the pains of the recession, a scientist wanting an opinion on emission allowances, and a retiree worried about healthcare. The group might be small but their stories mimic the same angst and struggles many Americans go through everyday.

Rehberg addressed the crowd’s questions and put in his own two cents. "We should not be looking at ways to spend money during the recession. We should be looking at ways to reduce government spending."

But make no mistake the faces of these people tell the story, the uneasiness, and the worry as America pushes to get out of the global slump.

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  • Rehberg can "listen" all he wants. The problem is he only hears what he wants to hear, and even then, he still doesn't do anything. I can't think of one thing he's done for this state.

  • That's entirely unfair. He wrote a resolution honoring the Carroll College football team and another honoring the city of Billings.

    Pretty impressive resume for his service. 🙂

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