Tea Party 2009: Never Have So Few Done So Little

On a day when literally a few dozen patriots braved almost freezing weather in Helena to protest…uh…something, it’s hard to describe the best moments. Here’s my favorite collection of links and quotes from today, a day which will live in the fevered imagination of pseudo-patriots forever.

Magical. The best Tea Party organizer in history ripped a hole in the universe with her awe-inspiring lack of self-awareness:

She said she retired on disability from M&T Bank three years ago after undergoing knee replacement and back surgeries. She lives on her Social Security and disability benefits. Last year, she petitioned the bankruptcy court for protection from creditors.

She said she did not have to pay federal income taxes last year because her income was too low.

“I don’t want to see this country turn into a welfare, nanny state, where we stand in line for groceries, and we’re in welfare lines, and in socialized medicine lines,” Wilder said.

The powerful logician weaved a spell with his words:

Wingnut: He’s a fascist.

Roesgen: Why do you say he’s a fascist? He’s the President of the United States. Do you realize how offensive that is?

Wingnut: I think he’s a fascist.

Roesgen: Why?

Wingnut: Because he is.

Government services and taxes are proven to be signs of creeping fascism as the police intervene:

A 68-year-old woman at the Sunbury Pennsylvania protest had to be rescued by police from the Susquehanna River when she inadvertently fell in while trying to dump tea bags in it.

Faux News was so excited they single-handedly tripled the crowd:

In yet another tea-bag day controversy, Fox anchor Neil Cavuto was captured on an open mic discussing the crowd numbers with an on-location producer, estimating the turnout at 5,000 people, but minutes later Cavuto told viewers that “They were expecting 5,000 here, it’s got to be easily double, if not triple that.”

Joe the Plumber revealed his intellectual leadership of the wingnut movement once more:

“I didn’t reinvent anything, I’m just regurgitating,” Mr. Wurzelbacher said, leaving the cheering crowd with one message.

Protestors engaged in polite, thoughtful dialogue about the Presidency:


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Don Pogreba has been writing about Montana politics since 2005 and teaching high school English since 2000. He's a former debate coach, and loyal, if often sad, fan of the San Diego Padres and Portland Timbers. He spends far too many hours of his life working at school and on his small business, Big Sky Debate.
His work has appeared in Politico and Rewire.
In the past few years, travel has become a priority, whether it's a road trip to some little town in Montana or a museum of culture in Ísafjörður, Iceland.


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  • Because it's funny. Look, Rusty, I'm havin' a hard time out here trying to explain to people who aren't interested in politics just WHY grown adults are angrily prancin' around in costumes! Maybe you can help me. Why ARE they protesting? Aren't elections enough? Is democracy no longer good enough for you? I mean, the TRUE Americans have spoken. They overwhelmingly rejected your message. Just WHY do you hate the American political process? Seems that we all have to play by the rules. Shouldn't you when you lose? Bottom line. Your folks took a HUGE dump on America. SOMEone has to clean up this mess. It ain't pretty, but it's gotta be done. TRUE Americans realize that more of the same old crap that got us INTO this mess is not what we need. The teabaggers are simply pathetic, ignorant, unfocused folks who watch waaaay to much FOX NOISE! Now, IF you have some ideas, and IF you want a seat at the table, PARTICIPATE! All this talk of extra-legal action is assinine. And I suspect that you really do know that.

  • Larry, would you have said the same thing in 2004? Based on your comments from then to 2009, I think not. But they do have a certain symmetry.

    • Steve, ya lost me. I have never wavered in my opinions that I know of. What is it about the above post that makes you suspicious that I wouldn't have said this in 2004?

  • Larry's right on this one: because it amused the heck out of me. Watching the death throes of the Republican Party, as it entirely abandons reason and debate to appeal to the fringe? Priceless.

  • Pogie, true story for ya. Way back when, I had a liberal friend who admitted that he had actually voted for Nixon. I was shocked. I asked him just why the hell he did that. He explained that Nixon was so bad that he would be the death of the Republican Party. Well he was wrong. It finally took a worldclass dumbass like Bush to do it in. And budddy did he do it! But it's really kinda sad in a way. We really should have a vigorous two party system in this country. Maybe the Pubbies can regroup and become the loyal opposition again. But it looks as if it'll be a long time comin'.

  • from the Flathead Beacon: http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/articles/article/ka

    Kalispell Tea Party Protesters Decry Government Spending

    By Dan Testa, 04-15-09

    …The crowd was composed mainly of those with a conservative or libertarian political bent, but it was also clear that the frustration was not so much with the Democrats or the president, so much as it was directed at recent federal spending in which both major parties have been complicit.

    Bill Cenis of Plains, and his wife Pat, held up a sign reading “Our grandkids’ future hijacked by D.C. pirates.”

    “Our government’s gotten out of control with the spending,” Cenis said. “Our grandkids are going to have to pay for it…”

    • Craig, I take that post as your tacit endorsement of all things tea bag. I figured that you were smarter than that. Can you say moribund? A question for you. A hypothetical question that will soon be a reality. What party will you join when the Repubbies finally do themselves in? Do you REALLY want to be associated with the racists, psycopaths, and lunatics that teabagged each other recently? Or will a new brand of true Republicanism arise from the ashes?

      • Larry, good to hear from you again. As you know not everything is at it seems. My head is squarely on straight. Take care.

        • I know you do. But I truly worry about the Republican Party and the conservative movement in general. They have BOTH been taken over by loons. You see, I'm old enough to remember true Republifcans and conservatives. I admired both Barry Goldwater and Mark Hatfield of Oregon, two great men of intelligence and integrity. I find those qualities sorely lacking in your party today. There are no longer any giants on your side, only tiny, little petty Joe the Plunger types. And that's real sad.

    • Haven't the conservatives been whining all over news stories and blogs that it demonstrated media bias to suggest the protesters were conservative? How did Mr. Testa determine the ideological makeup of this "crowd"?

      Where were these upset, independent thinkers during the expansion of the spending under President Bush?

      Do Democrats and independents often hang out in crowds that equate the President with Hitler?

      Come on. You can agree with the protesters, but to pretend that this manufactured even was anything more than an attempt to get publicity by some right-wing groups insults your–and my–intelligence.

  • Wow. That is sure some powerful evidence. If a video produced by someone who spends his free time tracking \”communist activities globally, and communist inspirations nationally\” isn't objective proof, I don't know what is.

    I'm sure that the non-stop coverage from Fox News had nothing to do with anyone attending.

    I'm sure that the professionally produced signs and identical slogans at the rallies were the result of cosmic convergence.

    Sure, the people who attended chose to be there. That certainly doesn't disprove the fact that they were coordinated and manipulated.

  • I think it has been more than adequately proven that Fox News become the official propaganda arm of the Tea Party Kidz.

    Just because you choose to ignore the obvious signs of coordination and connection to conservative organizations, doesn't mean they weren't there.

    You can choose to pretend what you want; it doesn't change reality. If we didn't learn anything else from the the Bush years, I would hope that we had learned that.

  • Pogie, I have no way of counting but the Code Pink protests in Texas seemed to be on every channel many times over.

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