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Your Republican Legislators: Defending the Rights of Poor Pharmaceutical Companies


It’s not surprising that none of the seven Republicans who voted in committee against a bill prohibiting drug companies from using prescription information for marketing purposes were available for quote in this piece by Mike Dennison.

House Bill 394 has a simple premise: drug companies are not entitled to use your prescription information for marketing purposes and that all Montanans have a right to privacy when it comes to the pharmaceuticals they are prescribed.

If I were a constituent of Pat Ingraham, Bill Beck, David Howard, Michael More,  Cary Smith, Ron Stoker, or Jeffrey Wellborn, I’d certainly be tempted to ask for an explanation of this vote.

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  • Not that it is a reason to vote against HB394, but I wonder how much the pharmacies make by selling this information? I know a lot of the community pharmacy folks have tight bottom lines so I would just be curious if it is a significant source of income.

    Do you know if MCPA testified on the bill?

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