Health Care soon please.

I have to have two teeth pulled. It’s a long, sad story that I’m not going to get into, but the point is, that I’m not very happy about it for several reasons: 

1. – I have had work done on my mouh my whole life (literally), and have tried very hard to take good care of my teeth, so it seems just sad that the teeth I cared for need to go.

2. – It’s going to be painful as hell.

3. – It would be cheaper for me to pay for my own funeral.

Now, let’s zone in on #3… My dental insurance only help to pay for 1 implant per lifetime. That’s right – if you had your whole face knocked off, it would only help pay for one tooth (so choose the right one). Pulling teeth is one price, but trying to keep your mouth in the correct shape by adding teeth (which seems kind of necessary if it’s part of your smile) is a whole other price. Tooth implants cost about $14,000 each. If I need two… well, think of it.

My plan is to write to President Obama, and our lovely Senator Max Baucus to get on the health care plan, and quick! I’m in college for pete’s sake. When are we going to change the health care industry from the corrupt, money-sucking business that it is to what it should be: affordable and non-intimidating? People shell out thousands of dollars a year, and these big names build lovely high rises with the money. Well, eff that. I’m not suicidal but if it saves me money, then what the heck?

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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i'm from helena, montana. i now go to school at the university of montana and i study russian language as well as arabic language and southwest (middle east) and central asia.


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  • Are implants your only option? I lost 2 teeth a few years back after periodontal surgery. The only option the oral surgeon offered was implants. After a second opinion I opted for two bridges which was a far less costly and easier process. May not apply in your case, but there are options.

  • the doctor said that neither veneer, nor bridge would work in one of the cases. the second case i’m not sure about. i’m being referred to a specialist. i had a root canal on it while i had braces. during the short time that my braces have been off and i went in to schedule a crown, it looks as though my tooth fractured. to get a bridge you need strong roots.

    in any case, the point of the post was the ridiculous price of these things. it shouldn’t cost me the price of 3 years of college to get a dumb little tooth replaced, especially when the price of it has already been shelled out to insurance and they refuse to cough it up. it’s just ludicrous.

  • I agree! I’m going throught something similar. I mean, health care would be nice. BUT HOW BOUT SOME HELP WITH DENTAL HEALTH? You can basically go bankrupt trying to keep your teeth healthy. I mean, my god, after a trillion in Iraq, maybe we ought’a start taking care of our OWN people!, beginning with teeth! There is the county health dept. for low income people, but I make too much to qualify. SO, instead of spending that five grand or so on the economy, I gotta enrich my dentist for a couple’a teeth! You see, Liz, the Heritage Foundation would argue that your teeth are NOT very productive. Hence, we shouldn’t help you. Is there anything you could do to your teeth to give them some economic value? Maybe auction them off or something?

  • I’m feeling for you, Liz. I’ve lost 3 teeth on the lower right side, and 1 on the upper left–all in the last 2 years (after going the extra distance caring for my teeth all these years, and spending huge $$ for dental care).

    It would be so lovely to be able to get 1 implant on my lower left side, just to be able to chew a little bit better (not even bothering with aesthetics here, merely with function). But our insurance doesn’t cover dental work, or oral surgery. Guess I’m doomed to wander through the rest of my life toothless. I hope you have better luck. And, yes, the whole situation is outrageous.

    Larry: I don’t know about Liz, but maybe I could hire my toothless grimace out to the Heritage Foundation for Halloween?

  • Here’s a potential solution: until we can socialize health care (because I think that is ultimately what it will take), how about we solve our problems with a bit of free trade? For example, Cuba, which has already socialized its health care and education, has a surplus of health care workers who are frequently employed doing things besides healthcare, like driving taxis for tourists, because they can’t make money despite being doctors. So, kill a whole flock of birds with one stone: lift the blockade, open the border. There is a huge imbalance that in a normal system would be solved quickly by trade: Cuba has too many doctors and not enough of basically everything else, America has everything Cuba needs. I realize a few thousand Cuban doctors isn’t going to solve the problem, not in time for Liz’s teeth, anyway. But its absurd that we as a nation lack affordable healthcare, and 90 miles away from us is a nation filled with trained doctors who are making more money right now as taxi drivers.

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