Hamas´ Chance

Hamas, as I see it, finally has a chance to become a real civil government with real authority while at the same time not looking like they are capitulating to Israel. According to the BBC, in negotiations for a cease fire, Israel is demanding and end to rocket attacks and the disarmament of Hamas, while Hamas is demanding withdrawal from Gaza and an end to the blockade. Quite luckily, these things (for once) are not mutually exclusive. Here´s how I invision Hamas spinning it in an ideal world where they actually wanted to become the peaceful leadership of Gaza:

“We fought the good fight, suffered great sacrifice even among our senior leadership, but finally the Israelis were killing too many innocent people for us to justify continuing. So, we agreed to stop attacking them if they lifted the blockade that has stifled our economy and kept us in poverty. Seeing the brutality of Israeli retaliation, we are hereby going to halt rocket attacks as long as Israel upholds their end of the bargain, and will accordingly harshly punish those who continue to attack Israeli civilians, in order to disassociate the people of Gaza from their provocative actions and protect our innocent people.

If Hamas were willing to take that position, which they may well be, Israel would be foolish not to offer them a lift in the blockade as reward for their change of heart.

As a side note though, who is Israel negotiating with if they keep killing the top Hamas leadership? (Same link as above for that story).

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  • Why, Larry? Do you have a superior idea of what the ideal ceasefire would be? I´d be glad to hear it; actually, keeping in line with my general policy for realistic expectations, I´d be glad to hear any constructive suggestion from you. Do you support Hamas´right to launch rockets at Israel? Because that is frankly the only thing that Hamas really has to give up in order to prevent Israel having any excuse to invade Gaza again. Hamas has been entirely unwilling to do that historically. So, although Israel´s reaction is unproportional (and that´s an understatement), the ball remains in Hamas´court. Israel has made clear that they wil stop invading Gaza when the rocket attacks stop. The only reasonable thing for Hamas and its supporters (including you) is to propose a counter-offer, since the deal ´no rockets, no invasion´clearly has not been acceptable to Hamas in the past. Therefore, it is my opinion that Israel should lift their current economic blockade of Gaza as long as there are no rockets attacks, thereby removing one of the biggest obstacles to Gaza´s ability to develop a real economy and Hamas´ biggest excuses for failing to bring any progress to Gaza. The only reason I can think of for Hamas and you to oppose such a deal is either a) they consider Israel so hateful that 13 dead Israelis is worth a hundred times that many dead Gazans, or b) Hamas is not confident of their ability to manage a peaceful nation, and so much like the neoconservatives have decided that their nation must always be at war, even if it is a war they can never win.

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