The Top Five Worst Posts in the Montana Blogosphere-2008


Inspired by the Village Voices Top 10 Rightblogger Stories of 2008, I humbly offer my assessment of the five worst posts in the world of Montana blogs this year. To all the winners, I offer a hearty congratulations. To those of you not selected, 2008 wasn’t exactly a banner year for conservatives anyway. Better luck next year!

5. Undue Optimism about Jim Hunt

Someone was pretty excited in April, when Jim Hunt outraised Dennis Rehberg in one quarter:

Despite the headline, this is a great sign in Jim Hunt’s effort to send Dennis Rehberg back to his subdivided ranch.

4. A Single-Payer Health Care System Will Lead to another Civil War

Professor Natelson is certainly consistent in his opposition to nationalized healthcare. In a few weeks, he claimed that Medicare and other federal programs ruined the finest, least expensive healthcare system in the world and took away $15 housecalls, that national healthcare violate would violate the underlying principles of the American government, and that national healthcare would criminalize treating a child outside of the federal system, but his winning argument was clearly that because of abortion, nationalized health care would lead to another Civil War:

Fantasy? Not at all. One of the things that drove the abolitionists to fury before the Civil War was the belief that, not only was slavery being tolerated, but that they were forced to pay for it with their tax dollars. This helped create tragedies like John Brown’s raids and “bleeding Kansas.” Much more recently – in the Vietnam Era – there was widespread civil unrest because of violent disagreement with how the government was spending defense money.

3. Defending Disenfranchising Voters

The Big Sky Cairn probably could have won all five places on this list in a week’s worth of posting, but my personal favorite for the year was this post that defended the Montana GOP’s embarrassing attempt to disenfranchise Montana voters:

So, on my behalf, the Montana GOP is asking 6,000 people to confirm their eligibility in Montana to cast a vote. Doing so helps ensure the sanctity of my vote – and yours. It’s prophylactic.

When even Brad Johnson knows that you are wrong, you’re really wrong.

2. Blogsuit!

The greatest fantasist and racist in Montana’s blogging community, Mike over at the Last Best Place, took time out of his busy schedule of searching for Google images of his international travels to threaten to sue another blogger, using EVERY PENNY OF HIS SUBSTANTIAL AND ENDLESS RESOURCES if necessary:

It’s not a pro se action in a small claims court in Gallatin County, as had been threatened against him previously, but is rather planned to be a full court press using every penny at my disposal (which some of you may know…and I don’t mind saying… is substantial and endless), and is meant to cause the maximum amount of damage whatever the cost to me personally. It’s really every lawyer’s dream case. A client with an endless supply of money and an axe to grind for as long as it takes to destroy his opponent. Cha ching!

1. Operation Chaos

When you are parroting Rush Limbaugh 73% of the time, you have a number of worthy options for consideration for worst blog post of the year, but when that parroting turns into delusions of grandeur, you’ve got a certain winner. Andy Hammond, when not obsessing over his three minutes of media attention, managed to convince at least one person to vote for Hillary Clinton, throwing the Democratic nomination into CHAOS!

While this will be fun, it’s also serious business. We can’t have either of these far left Liberals heading the country. It will be devastating on so many levels. While I hold my nose about McCain, he is far, far better then Hillary and Obama.

Tomorrow: The best things about Montana’s blogs (right and left) in 2008.

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