Breaking News: Dell’s customer service is horrifying!

Good news!  Intelligent Discontent has converted to an All-Dell-and-Montana-Meth-Project format!

I get it, I am just one customer.  I get that although I have some purchasing power to recommend, in the grand scheme of things, I do not matter.  That said, I am still horrified at the runaround I received trying to purchase a couple of items from Dell computers this month.

It appears we have a final solution from Dell’s executive customer service.

After FOUR days of calling around, Dell says there is ABSOLUTELY nothing they can to speed up the order.  They are “sorry.”

However, there is one option.  She can cancel the order and then place it again and then they may able to speed it up.  That’s funny, I believe that they have done that twice already.  However, the price of the hardware will increase by 150 dollars, making a grand total of $300 over the original cost of the order.  There is no guarantee, mind you, that there will be speed up and based on my own experience, I don’t believe that the computers will actually shipped by a promised date.

I am stunned, frankly.  Three weeks of lost time compared to purchasing a similar machine from  By my estimation, at least 5 hours in time wasted contacting Dell in an attempt to be treated like anything but a chump.

In the words of my good friend Don?  Dell… I am breaking up with you…

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  • Jason, From reading this post and the one from the 22nd I’m not sure if I can do anything to help, but if you can email me the order number or a case/reference number and I’ll be more than happy to check on things to see if there is anything I can do.

    I know that the Mini 9 is a popular system, and unfortunately that means orders can be delayed if we get them faster than we can build the systems for shipment. My own Mini 9 (which, despite the small keyboard, I’m enjoying) was delayed for a few weeks when I ordered it back in September because of all the people that ordered before I did.

    If the order hasn’t already been expedited I should be able to do so. I’m not sure how much that will help, however, it might get things shipped out in as little as a business day or two.

  • Can someone explain to me why it took almost two weeks to get a response from someone NOT reading a customer care script and ONLY after I blog about it publicly? This is PR, not customer service. Sad.

  • Due to the number of comments about Dell (good and bad) on the internet, it is pretty much impossible for my team to find, let alone view, every one. This particular case is the kind of thing my team was created to find and, hopefully, fix. From the information in your email, it appears other departments have been working with you for those two weeks already (though I am still trying to determine what exactly they have done).

    Dell Outreach Liaison

  • My lord… what a public relations hack job… do you even read the comments? Or these blog posts? “Working with you” implies that the original poster was actually being worked with but it appears that Dell offered nothing more than call center scripts. READ COMPLAINTS BEFORE YOU GO BACK TO YOUR WHITE WASH…

  • OMG…..I just ordered a dell laptop and was searching on reviews to see how long it takes them to ship the order… i wonder if i should cancel it and buy something else…….I should have see the post earlier

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