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The AP’s Even-Handed Treatment of Hilary Clinton


The AP’s Lisa Tolin, opening her piece about Hillary Clinton today:

The woman who wanted to be president stepped up to a podium too tall, turned the microphones down and began by addressing the man who defeated her: ‘‘Mr. President-elect.’’

With her words on Monday, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who in the Senate emerged from the long shadow of her husband, stepped into a supporting role for another man, this one her former rival.

And while it’s hard to see the position of secretary of state as anything but the highest honor, Clinton appeared somber as Obama introduced her and the rest of his foreign policy team.

‘‘Her face was very set, she looked very serious,’’ said Maxine Fiel, a behavioral analyst and body language expert in New York. ‘‘She didn’t look extremely relaxed or happy or appreciative. In fact, she looked very grim.’’

Wow. A sexist dig and a body language expert in the opening paragraphs. Hard to imagine why papers are dumping the AP, isn’t it?

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