They’re Coming to Your Town


When I saw the title of this video, I naively assumed that it referred to Santa and his elves, who are do to make an appearance shortly, but it turns out that the people coming are much more ominous than an old man breaking in homes across the world. “They” are gay people, bent on destroying your communities.

Far more terrifying to me than the threat of gays taking over my city government is the threat of these people producing more videos. Seriously, 8th graders with iMovie and a short story to adapt will make a more compelling production than this number.

In light of the passage of Proposition 8, I have wondered what the best response for people concerned about true equality under the law is. More often than not, it seems like we would be best served promoting the hate-filled bigotry that comes from organizations like the American Family Association. Who would want to be associated with these leeches, who profit from the pain of people denied the right to marry those the love?

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