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Montana Politics

The NBA, Soccer, or the Montana Republican Party?


You decide:

To the crack of the bat, the cadence of the quarterback and the thwack of a tennis racket, add a new element to America’s sports soundtrack — the shrieks, cries and shouts of N.B.A. players as they try to put the ball in the basket.

In part, the emoting is designed to deceive, with players trying to persuade referees they were fouled in the act of shooting, even if they were not. It is hardly a new tactic, but it has become a more popular one and is now as much a sound of the game as the squeaking of sneakers.

“Anytime anybody goes to a hoop, they yell or scream,” said Bernie Fryer, who has seen it all, and now heard it all, as a former N.B.A. player and referee who now oversees league officiating. “You hear it all the time. It’s kind of like a tennis player who grunts every time he hits the ball.”

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