Dick Cavett Explains Sarah Palin Better Than Anyone Else Has

Please do yourself the favor of reading Mr. Cavett’s entire post. I hesitate to excerpt some of the better parts, but this is a world in a hurry.

A woman in one of Palin’s crowds praised her for being “a mom like me … who thinks the way I do” and added, for ill measure, “That’s what I want in the White House.” Fine, but in what capacity?

Could the willingness to crown one who seems to have no first language have anything to do with the oft-lamented fact that we seem to be alone among nations in having made the word “intellectual” an insult?

I do not wish her ill. But I also don’t wish us ill. I hope she continues to find happiness in Alaska.
May I confess that upon first seeing her, I liked her looks? With the sound off, she presents a not uncomely frontal appearance.
But now, as the Brits say, “I’ll be glad to see the back of her.”

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  • until she opened her mouth with katie couric, sarah palin was attractive to many because americans are tired of hearing lectures. who do you want to sit next to in the bleachers when you are just trying to relax after a stressful work week? Bill Moyers or David Letterman? it’s that simple. people wanted someone they could relax around and someone who could be thought stupid, but then she opened her mouth and removed all doubt. that was her mistake. once that happened people became terrified that someone that ignorant could be one heartbeat away from the presidency. what we need to take away from this near miss is our leaders need to be aware of this and refrain from ever being percieved as lecturing the american public. obama knows this and that is why we feel included and consulted with his agenda rather than told what to do. he is a very savvy politician who understands this. i think that sarah palin could have been much more dangerous politically if hillary had won the nomination.

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