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Uh oh. Iran ain’t happy.

ah ha!!!! what did i suspect!!!!????
iran – they outrightly criticized obama’s choice of rahm emmanuel (pro-israel). they are reading too far into it. they shouldn’t judge someone by their religion and culture. at the same time, i do think that obama should have thanked ahmedinejad for his congratulatory message. obama open to dialogue? if he can’t even send a thank you note, how the hell are we supposed to talk about nuclear stuff?

come on US. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. iran does not like the taliban or al-qaeda. they can help us with stabilizing both iraq and afghanistan!!! 

yes we can. open dialogue. thank ahedinejad… i want to be a tourist in iran. come on.

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i'm from helena, montana. i now go to school at the university of montana and i study russian language as well as arabic language and southwest (middle east) and central asia.


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