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Montana Politics

Montana, Montana, Skies Are Always Blue


Montana, Montana,
Glory of the West
Of all the states from coast to coast,
You’re easily the best.
Montana, Montana,
Where skies are always blue

Montana, I love you.

I think it’s time to start painting Montana a different color on national maps. Anyone who thinks this is a red state just isn’t paying attention. With 91% of the precincts in, it looks like Democrats are going to have won the races for governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Attorney General, and Auditor. While we didn’t choose Barack Obama, there was an enormous swing to the Democratic candidate.

Governor Schweitzer likes to say that Montana is on the move. It’s not just our economy. It’s our politics as well. We are moving  back to our political heritage, a state that elects strong, progressive  leaders who put the interests of working Montana families first:

  • Governor Schweitzer will win tonight with well over 60% of the vote. A landslide.
  • Both of our U.S. Senators are Democrats, one a progressive champion.
  • Our attorney general, our state auditor, our Superintendent of Public Instruction? All Democrats, all exceptional leaders.
  • We supported children’s healthcare and the university system overwhelmingly.

Look out, Representative Rehberg. You’re next.

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