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The First Polls Have Closed. . .


Some initial thoughts as the night begins.

  • Chris Matthews is truly an insufferable gasbag. As much as I enjoy him babbling on about how great American democracy is and his experiences working for Tip  O’Neil 47 years ago, there might be more important issues tonight.
  • I can’t describe how I feel right now. I’m terrified. I’m elated. I feel incredibly hopeful that we are about to begin the great task of restoring our country. It’s just unbelievable watching the lines of people who have been willing to wait in lines for hours and hours.
  • No one in America is home at 4:15 today, so I’m getting to leave messages on a lot of answering machines. Some people have unbelievably long messages before you can leave a message.
  • The initial reports are that Obama is up big in exit polling. I’m not going to fall for that again this year.
  • One initial early report favors Senator McCain, though : Man,73, scores 2 points in college hoops game.

Larry King out…

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