9:00 p.m. This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet.

(9:54) I think Brit Hume might be suicidal.

(9:48) Karl Rove is telling me that Norm Coleman’s people are really nervous. Of course, Karl Rove has never told the truth in his life.

(9:39) Some quick Montana updates, with about 10% in: McCulloch up by 8, Bullock up by 16, Juneau up by 16, Lindeen up by 16. Of course, where these votes are from is critical.

(9:27) That might have been Senator McCain’s finest hour as a candidate.

(9:19) Well, the 2000 John McCain made a reappearance during his concession speech. That was an incredibly gracious speech, by someone who, despite a terrible campaign, truly loves his country.

(9:14) Why are the Republicans headed towards a long stay in the minority, barring some dramatic soul-searching? People like John Derbyshire:

It is of course a great thing that we are (it seems pretty certain) electing a black President. It’s just a crying shame it had to be this shallow, empty man, who has never shown a flicker of interest in wealth creation, whose head is stuffed with all the vapid nostrums of 1980s student leftism, and who seems — putting the most charitable construction on it — not to mind the brazenly thuggish tactics of his supporters.

(9:08) Eugene Robinson is talking about what the election of Barrack Obama means to his parents and his son. He said that when he tells him he can grow up to be anything, he’s telling him the truth. This is a remarkable moment.

(9:00) I just watched Fox News call the election of Barack Obama. MSNBC is showing young students overcome with emotion at Spellman College. The people I am seeing cheering now are real Americans, Sarah Palin. Young, old, black, white, Hispanic. We are a diverse, optimistic people who believe in the potential of our country.

(9:00) I just submitted another report to Brian the Bully (http://brianthebully.com/) reporting the Montana electorate for bullying Roy Brown tonight. It was pretty harsh of us.

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  • I can’t stop grinning tonight!

    And, yes, that was probably the best I’ve heard from McCain. If that particular McCain had been running his own campaign, imagine the civility we coukld have all shared.

    Now, Obama is walking out in Chicago, and my heart is in my throat: God bless our new President-elect, and hold him close. (And, I’m not that religious a person, but will make an exception in this case.)

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